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Tarquinius Superbus, Eater of Worlds Feb. 13th, 2012 @ 04:44 pm
When I came to New Mexico, it was a few months ahead of my new bride. I spent that time getting the lay of the land as much as I could, meeting people, creating networks, etc. Then Gulie arrived. Now she was new to the USA, despite having been here before on a student visa (when I met her in '94), so she was offput. She had a place to live, adequate food, and a loving (if a bit distracted by work and study) husband. The lack of attention was not working for her. So I got her a cat.
Enter Tarquinius Superbus. Now, during the period where I was alone "setting up" in Socorro, I turned to Saki (H.H. Munro for you jerks who hate his pen name) for solace. A wry bit of social commentary always makes me feel solid, as an outsider. One of the stories I read (and loved) was "The Boar-Pig". So this sweet tiny little white cat (with a grey spot on his head at the time) shows up. I named him after the boar. So no, Talia, I did not name him after the famed Etruscan rapist, although I DID know the reference, it was simply a reference to his power and his effect on the world. And I was not wrong, as it turns out.
So Tarquin got to watch as my wife withered from my coldness and I withered from hers (I'm bad at relationships) and he did not approve. So for those 7 years or 6, he felt a bit offput, but he always loved Gulie and me, and despite everything, me and Gulie both loved each other, we just couldn't make it work. So it didn't.
After that, it was me and Tarquin and Bridie and Bubo. Oh gosh Bubo and her traumatic childhood... that was an affair. Luckily she's come out of it MEGA-positive etc. So yeah. Tarquin after my marriage. Well, he missed Gulie a lot. Regardless of anything else, Gulie and I had a sort of standard sleeping habit. I would latch on to her and then Tarquin would nestle down in the empty spot between my legs. It's the little things...
So after I broke up, I went back to MY old habit of "fetal position" which is how I sleep, always have, always been alone. The few times Cathy visited me here in Socorro, Tarquin was happy, but Cathy had allergies to my house/Socorro or whatever, so that didn't happen much.
Either way, poor baby Tarquin had to change. Tarquin didn't like change, but he embraced it. He slept on me, he sucked my soul (as all cats do) and he was mad gentle and kind, as he was.
And then, a few years ago, he started losing weight. I was like "OK, this is it, he's dead." I watched If die from kidney failure, I knew the signs. Recently Justin told me Coda had diabetes, which has similar signs. Either way, chronic as in deadly since I'm poor.
So I watched Tarquin wither away and finally, last Tuesday, he died gasping for air in my lap. I know one thing about Tarquin: He loved Gulie and he loved me. He was a great cat, the best person I knew, and Bubo misses the heck out of him.

Writer's Block: School Ties Feb. 3rd, 2012 @ 01:50 am
What is (or was) your college major? Do you use it for your career?

Mathematics. It made me conscious. I love it.

It's been a minute Feb. 3rd, 2012 @ 01:47 am
But hell, I feel like rambling. Hello LJ!
So yeah, been gettin' my thang together and realizin I need to get back to my real roots. Unfortunately, those roots are quite a lot indicating that I am not fit company for man nor beast. This is beginning to look a lot more OK to me as I realize there are more people out there like me than I thought, so it's nice to trade agonistic behaviours with them.

Sammy the Psycho Aug. 25th, 2011 @ 07:59 pm
So I just spent about 1/2 an hour hanging out with Sammy, the guy who pulled a knife on a 14 year old last year. It seems he's a pretty chill guy in general, it's just easy to get him worked up.

OK so I'm a bit shocked Jul. 31st, 2011 @ 01:32 am
Just WHAT?
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» Good god
OK so I don't get ill very often, so maybe I don't know how it feels, but holy shit.
» (No Subject)
Got a new computer, somewhat reconciled with schlake, hung out with my bff, bought some really amazing music and books, working my ass off, generally kicking ass. Watch out world, I might have the guts to wear big pants in the future.
» (No Subject)
Haven't posted on LJ in a while, mostly do stupid twitter-like updates on Facebook. I find that to be a bit sad, since LJ is such a better format for posting meaningful stuff. I suppose it's mostly because I've been sort of getting my house in better order (figuratively, my actual house is a mess :P). More likely it's because I've become enchanted with the short form hermetic style of communication which seems to be taking over, sort of "txt-glish" if you will.
In any case, I picked up a copy of "The Borrible Trilogy" since I can't seem to find my copies of the old books. Besides which, I've never read the third book. I could have SWORN there was a cartoon based on the first book of The Borribles, but I guess I was wrong, and in searching for evidence of it I discovered that APPARENTLY The Borribles is controversial
From wikipedia:
"The Borrible Trilogy can be seen to subvert the mainstream of children's literature in that it does not attempt to gloss over grunge, pain, and violence. The language of the book is true to the London streets, including various instances of swearing. Though critically acclaimed, the books have been the subject of much controversy over the often graphic violence and plethora of bad language. These factors created much controversy among reviewers and contributed to the failure of the first volume of the trilogy to be paperbacked in the UK."

Well, screw that. The Borribles remains one of my most cherished books from when I was a kid, hell, I used to have the entire Wendles' song memorized. Anyways, who says that children's books shouldn't subvert the genre? I'd rather that than a tween vampire analogue to the Book of Mormon. Yeah, let's not subvert children's literature, let's proselytize our creepy religion!
» (No Subject)
Heh, I like the part where he deleted the comment where I explained WHY he got mad at me (I said something along the lines of "hey, it's nice to hear you're dating someone"). Pussy.
» (No Subject)
Schlake is fucking pathetic, as usual. I love how he tries to turn around the part where I call his bitch ass out. Suck it, son, you're going to die alone and hated. I'm one of the handful of people who have ever tried to actually communicate with him, and COINCIDENTALLY one of the handful of people he has spurned. Yeah that's right: he treats people who try to give a shit about him LIKE SHIT!
I'm worthless, eh? Tell that to my gf, my family, and all the people who care about me. You won't recognize them, loser, since you have no clue what someone who cares about you looks like. Enjoy your provincial, pathetic life. Sometimes I wonder why people like him exist, too gutless to shoot themselves?
Over the course of 12 years I've watched this man a) start cooking, b) quote me constantly, c) start writing movie reviews. Seriously the only things that I do that he hasn't failed at copying are painting miniatures and having a real social life. He even tried to start talking to me about music a couple years ago. What a pathetic loser. The sad part is he has real hobbies of his own that sort of kick ass, but he fails at those too. Grats on teaching a community college class instead of honing your art? Bad photog is bad.
So, in short, go fuck yourself schlake. I met you through your mother and she's still twice the man you'll ever be.
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